Saturday, April 9, 2011

Art Invitation at School Part 2

Above is my finished art project. day 3
A while back I mentioned

I got to sit in on an art lesson in a 6th grade class

(blog entry on 3/20/11)

I was so excited

I've wanted to do this

water color play time

for a year

I am kind of embarrassed

to go public with it

as my rockin' results did not fit my expectations

Bummer . . . .but oh well

Finished project is above, day 3

Above is the start...result of Day 1.

I LOVE . . .

did I tell you I LOVE the colors?

I could have stopped here

and been color happy

But we weren't done yet

Rock on! day 2

The next day the teacher gave

instructions on how to draw in the boulders/pebbles

with a black felt tip (I was not there for that)

My schedule got a little wild and crazy that day

There was no break

for me to go in and get some boulder-drawing tips


at home


launched into my own rock-drawing version

Lots of fun

Yet something didn't look quite right

When I got back to school and checked out some 6th grade art

I could see what I did and didn't do

I figured out what I want to do differently next time:

*Use a skinnier black pen - - - my rock outlines are too fat

*Use the bubbly-looking parts of the water color as if they are water

rushing over the rock

and make the rocks seem to disappear behind that watery part

Actually, for an artist wannabe

I am tickled that I tried the project

Maybe I can talk my daughters into

coming over to

try something like this again

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


let me show you one of my favorites

from a 6th grader

She gave me permission to take a picture and

share it

Here you go below:

This one ----made by a student----

gets oo's and ah's from me

What do you think?

Wanna play?

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