Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Heritage of a Grateful Heart

I Think My Mom is Amazing

I had a lovely phone chat with Mom.

At first it was hard for her to retrieve words,

then she warmed up.

You know, how she memory-talks,

meandering through what comes to mind?

Well I just wrote down some of her musings

and enjoyed a "walk" through her reflections.

It was familiar territory . . . the story of her being a cook at the logging camp

as a young adult,

the summary of a good life.

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All sweet, because she is ever the

gracious appreciative lady.

Here are some of her thoughts today:

I had a good life. . . .I married a good man . . .

He had his own way but he's a good man . . . I wouldn't want anyone else!

How long have we lived here?

(LD: 69 years, Mom.)

I've always been proud of you girls. . . . . I know you weren't perfect but I am proud of all of you.

I picked up some of the things we've written down.

What a great life we've had.

I'm here alone so much of the time . . . .I don't grieve over it . . . .

I'm in my own home and l love it . . .

I really do.

It keeps wearing out and we keep putting it back together.

I have been blessed and I know it!

I'm sitting here looking at my cupboards . . . they are still nice. . . .

the new linoleum in there . . . I'm so pleased with that. . . .

the floor is so nice now

I'm just happy

I really am

(LD: You're an amazing woman, Mom.)

I have an amazing life.

Myself and Joe were born to goodly parents.

That was our background.

They were good people.

We never did get rich.

We didn't need it.

I am not depressed . . . .I can be happy with what I have.

I had a good family . . . . a big one.

I give credit to my mom & my dad, too.

They worked hard, growing vegetables . . .we didn't starve.

I was thinking about when I was cooking way out there at that camp . . .

What would have happened . . .

if I had changed my ways? . . . .those worldly men

I just took care of them when they ate . . . . and didn't flirt.

When they knew what kind of girl I was . . . .they weren't so anxious to find a girl.

I tried to be careful . . .

There were all kinds of men there . . .

I was thinking about that the other day.

A young man came in and wanted something - - -soap or something.

I didn't have my door locked and he just walked in.

I had to go in the back to the storage area

to get him what he asked for.

Then he wouldn't leave.

He wanted me to sit down.

I just stood there

with the storage key in my hand

We chatted a little bit

Then I said----Why don't you leave?

Pretty soon I got him away.

He was a man of the world . . . . and he was there for a purpose.

After that, I made sure I locked my door.

I figured if I had to run . . . . I could run!

Anyway, I survived.

I learned how to take care of myself.

There were a few of the boys you could trust . . . there were some you didn't dare trust.

I guess I'd call it a good experience because I behaved myself.

I wouldn't want MY girls to go there . . . .No way!


  1. Thanks for sharing. What a treasure she is to each of us. I am glad that you were able to have such a good chat, for me they seem like rare gift these days.

  2. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for the thought to write it down. I can just hear her voice when I read it.

  3. I want to be like her when I'm in my 90's. I want to be able to say those kinds of things about my life.
    Thanks for posting it here.

  4. I was thinking after my previous comment how Grandma's journaling and history keeping have been such a gift to herself, and how much peace it must bring her now, to be able to read her own record of her beautiful, good life.

  5. Yes, Mom's memories are precious.

  6. I too heard her voice in my head, as I was reading.

    Recently re-read her history. Loved it....and remember those stories and things she talked to you about.

    I love Grandma Ison.