Thursday, April 14, 2011

Standing in a New Postion

Where's the camera when you need it?

Imagine me

standing in a busy street

stopping traffic!

BIG red sign.

I had a little career development experience today

It was a blast

I was the kids' crossing guard at the end of the day

The usual reliable and brave adults

were staffing the track and field events

we hosted

for several elementary schools

A last minute all-call went out for safety assistance

Hey . . . . I'll do that!

Training was included:

Hold the sign high;

Watch out

when you're headed back to the curb!

I listened to my trainer

I complied

with exactness

I lived






  1. I have just been catching up on your blog and life. You keep trying new things - I am very impressed! So glad you started a blog. I never will and my only new things are different crochet and knit patterns. I am doing my new stuff through you. Great fun.

  2. How great to hear from you, Ann Marie.
    Long time, no see!