Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zentangle question

Jocile asked for the definition of Zentangle.
Like I said before - - -I think it's a fancy word for doodling.

Here is one person's definition---

Next---Here is a Zentangle video that mezmerized me!
They call this drawing pattern "Mooka" . If you are interested, start the video and go to 1:14 where the woman begins the Mooka shape. After staring at the pen making smooth, even curves, I just had to try it for myself! (It's in the flower petals in my last post)

If this is intriguing for you to look at, you can Google "zentangle" on Youtube and get a bigger dose.

Ready to play?
And if you use a permanent black pen for drawing, you can add color and not have smearing.
Are YOU having fun yet?
* * * * * * * * *

Paragraph---change of subject
Hey, I need someone to teach me how to link to another site with just putting a highlighted word in my text (instead of the whole string of an address). Anybody know how to teach me to do that???


  1. Ah. A way to tolerate long meetings.
    I liked watching that. Might try it.

  2. I know how to do the "highlight link". I can show you.