Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out and About

School's out!

Time for an adventure with Grandma

The car was so hot

we needed to leave the doors

open for a few minutes

Grandma kept exclaiming over how warm it was

She step stepped carefully

through gravel and over sidewalks

And there we were

At the Caldwell Public Library

Time to give Grandma some update peeks at your blogs

I checked in with the man two carrels down

"Will it bother you if I speak loudly so my mom can hear me?"

"No, go ahead."

Thank you, kind man.

It took a bit of explaining to help her remember

who was who


who belongs to whom

But Grandma was a rapt and willing audience

She LOVES her family!

"I feel very blessed," she said.


  1. Oh Lora Dawn, You are so good to think of that kind of adventure. I can never think of anything. Our Thursday nights together are getting less enjoyable for mom because I'm so tired and linear. I keep thinking, "jana quit thinking about yourself and more about mom." The tiredness trumps anyway.

    Give yourself some points.

  2. I bet she loved the adventure out and about!