Friday, June 10, 2011

Cousins. Part 4. Zentangle


I've been fascinated with Zentangle

A fancy word for repetitive doodles

I've been looking at examples online

(check out Youtube)

and having fun experimenting

I made some Zentangle bracelets for myself (above)

and helped some kiddos at school relax and talk

as they made their own bracelets

I thought some of my grandkids might enjoy playing with Zentangles

so . . . . .

Micaela and Taylee begin making designs

Rylee begins her bracelet, too

Each unique

Just like the artist

Made into bracelets

Micaela was on her second one by now

Beauty from head to toe....and wrist to wrist

Cardstock (cut 1 1/2" wide and long enough to fit comfortably around the wrist with 1" overlap)

Create design

Cover front and back with 2" packing tape. Trim.

Add sticky back velcro squares to create attachment

Wear and be stylin' with your own personal Zentangle design!


  1. That's so fun, what good cousin and grandma memories they'll have. Reminds me of all the craftiness and fun Grandma Ison provided for us at our cousin parties!

  2. These are way fun. I'll have to remember them for Beehives..maybe Taylee will be my instructor.

  3. Hey, I could have done this craft. Cut idea, Fun times making memories.