Friday, June 10, 2011

Cousins. Part 3. Play Stations

Lizzie and Audrey

soothing themselves

by scooting that melting wax around

With the older three girls busy making Zentangle bracelets

the younger six divided into twos

for play zones

"Crayon Melt" is always an attractive option

(Micaela and Jackson gifted me

a bag of leftover crayons at the end of the school year

They were even peeled already

What a welcome addition to the

well-used stubs in the Crayon Melt can!)

Thank You!

"Can we play babies?" Abree wanted to know


She and Katelyn were deeply absorbed in their mommy-ness

Treyson and Jackson opted for "Dress up"

Uh . . . . Perhaps a Native American bunny sheriff?
Jackson, you crack me up

Once outfitted

Treyson reminded me to watch as each scene developed

He told me the name of the play was

"The Detective and the Bed Girl"

Don't ask . . . .

the plot was a little hard to follow

The timer buzzed

Time to change play areas

New bunnies appeared

Hi Audrey and Lizzie!

Lizzie tells me I need a basket and more purses in the dress up bag


  1. Abree loved the play stations. She said, "Mom, they're kind of like "centers" in school!" :)

  2. I'm so cracking up here, particularly over Jackson & Treyson.