Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a catch!

Jackson is the man

Posted by PicasaI'm thinkin'

"what a catch"

is what the girls and moms will be saying about this young man

in a few years

He's such a combination of

tender and tough

curious and cute

wise and wacky

friendly and fun. . . .

I love that kid!

And I am tickled that I got this one action shot of his t-ball warm up

Let's say he caught that toss!

The picture has been sitting in my phone til this weekend

My newbie attempts to access it had failed

Tim came over and helped me download it

and clean up my too-full phone

Thank you very much

1 comment:

  1. LD, This a great pic. Yes, what a catch, like your double play on words. Love how you wrote this. Nice to get acquainted with Jackson through you.