Friday, June 10, 2011

Cousins.Part 2. Jam session

Wednesday night I picked up the Smullin kids

We made strawberry freezer jam

Easy easy recipe, on the package of Ball pectin

Next morning

five more cousins joined us

for a play day

Rylee was my right hand woman at waffle breakfast time

A four square waffle iron is no match for nine hungry children
(And we could have used more than our triple batch of batter)
Each slicked down their first square
with super yummy fresh jam

And got in line for more!

Amazing kids . . . . very little fuss

and cute, eager faces

We cooked and ate

Cooked and ate some more

Everyone agreed

Smullin kids had made the very best strawberry freezer jam...ever!

Note to self: Next time start the waffles ER.LEE.UR!

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