Friday, June 10, 2011

Cousins. Part 5. Book Heaven

Last happening of our play day:

Book abundance

Often, my elementary school discards books that are not being checked out by the children

Staff members are welcome to any of those books

I love going through books

and I picked up some

that I thought someone in my family might like

Over time

I collected a big box full

We spread them out

all over the living room floor

Every kiddo got to skim, ponder and pick

"Take Home" books for their summer fun

Delicious anticipation . . . . . a lap full good reading!

Shoulder to shoulder

cousin buddies

checking out their choices

sometimes reading aloud

Katelyn discovered her own little reading nook

on the stairway

She was so pleased to have her own stack of books

While waiting for her mommy to arrive

she carried her books around

in a plastic grocery sack

til the bottom ripped out


A look of distress on her face

No problem

She seemed relieved to know she could have another bag to keep her books safe

What a fun busy crazy day

I love my grandchildren


  1. Katelyn was so funny...
    Kate-"I'm getting SOOO tired of holding these books!"
    Grandma-"Well, go set them down on the table like I asked you to, three times."
    Kate- "Three times?!"
    Or something like that. :)