Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soul Restoration for Posterity

Recently I've been taking an online class: Soul Restoration.
A heart healing process
with some forward focus.
The 6 weeks of the class are over.
We get some bonus time to review the lessons and art techniques
before the online videos will be taken down in a couple of weeks.

I have a journal of deliciously painted pages
where I've done some writing that is significant to me.

While my older grandkids were here, I shared some of the art technique videos with them.

They were fascinated with the variety and fun.
So we decided to sit ourselves down for some art time
our own little
extended generation
soul restoration session.

The older you were, the more artsy supplies you had the privilege of using.

At my age, believe me, I had a passel

of artsy supplies that I got to play with! :o)


*paint application by scraping it on with a credit card....that's fun!
*cut up cardboard from a cereal box,
glue it, paint it, mod podge it, decorate it, write on it, make it your own
*stencil experiments with sequin waste and bubble wrap
*mod podge down lace, sequin patch
*layer paint, tissue paper, mod podge, writing, outlining

And the youngers got some tools for their art fun, too
Notice the felt tip holder box below
We made it out of a cracker box, cut and folded.
I gesso'ed white over the print on the box.
Taylee did the art work---different on each side
I think you have to stand on your head to see the picture below.
It is one of my art journal pages---some juicy beginning color, before journaling
and some freshly mod podged phrases
on my "This equals This" page
in my Soul Restoration small book.

Taylee is peacefully focused and confident
in whatever art process
she gives herself
She really likes
what she creates

Rylee wrote an affirming initialed statement
to herself
plus she made an artsy bookmark

What a sweet afternoon
It's a joy to hear my grandkids' thoughts and see what they create
I love family time


  1. I have been wondering how that class went. I am sure it was enlightening.

  2. So fun to see pictures of your creative time with your grandkids. How fun to share it with them!

  3. I need a close up of Rylee's creation..or maybe I should just ask to read it. Do you think she'll let me? :)

  4. What a satisfying activity.
    Have you ever made flubber with the grandkids?
    Way fun.

  5. No, Jocile, I haven't. Sounds like a blast.
    Alisha, I imagine she'd love to share it.