Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sand Tray Fun

As crispy as it was outside
it did not deter Treyson and Abree
They asked to take the "sand tray" and miniature play objects
onto the picnic table.
First, they organized all the miniatures that
had ended up in a
scrambled shuffle after some recent cousin play
All the marked bins got filled just right
"structures and objects"
Then they picked some bins to take with them outside
I hauled the heavy sand tray out

Let the world making begin!

And when you're done

You're really done!

Zonked, in fact.

Warning folks:
Rest up for the next life . . .
Apparently, making your own world is exhausting!


  1. Looks like a fun sleep over! I bet they loved being outside too!

  2. I wanna come play at your house! Looks like so much fun! :)

  3. How nice of Treyson and Abree to organize all those fun things. I like playing with your things too. I haven't forgotton the crayon melt and playing in your sand box.
    Do the grand kids get Cheetos?

  4. The Cheetos might be "Over 40 Food"....or atleast I bet the chocolate is. :) I'm getting close to qualifying for the Cheetos...awesome!

  5. Hm-m-m, not a Cheeto in sight! Amazing.
    There were some Cheese Nips, however, the white cheese kind that we really liked.
    And they helped me finish up the Valentine candy - - - -a service of love, I think. :o)