Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Night Art

Had a few grandkids gather
while some parents were
having an anniversary
and night out Wiggle, wiggle
shuffle, holler
color paper designs with pens and crayons
Some persisted til all the sheet was full of patterns
Some just grinned a lot Show and Tell
Look, at mine, Grandma!
All artists
make sure they
sign and date
their work

They always share some with me
kind of hoping, they tell me,
that I'll save some
for them to see
in years to come.

Ah, yes
I put a few aside.

It is so satisfying to see
grandkids enjoying
one another
no matter
which combination of kiddos
have gathered

I am blessed. . .

life is abundant . . .

some kiddos
lots of paper and juicy pens
creativity and love flowing together
making art and memories

What's your favorite kind of kiddo memory making?

1 comment:

  1. Your Quiver is full.
    You do fun things with your grandkids. I'm sure they appreciate it and will have memories of staying with you.