Monday, February 14, 2011

Author! Author!

We just finished reading our books to one another.

They are so pleased with their work!

"How To Be A Good Friend"

Along with working on cooperation skills

we've worked on creating our own little books

in Social Skills Small Group

each group member is

an author

an illustrator

and a "practicer" of friendship skills

Pay attention to actions

that good friends do

Brainstorm a list

Write and draw

Celebrate and share

They love to read their books to one another

showing the pictures around

like a teacher

Sometimes they act out ideas from their books

We guess

the skill they are demonstrating

There are a lot of ways to practice cooperation

and being a good friend,

even while in a small space

creating a book

* * * * *

I have used this book style for students of all ages

They are intrigued by the "magic" of creating a book out of a sheet of paper

They use their book to write down reminders for whatever issue they've been working on:

ways to relax

how to be a friend

how to comfort themselves when sad

how to cool off when mad

things to say to compliment others

things they can do better now than when they were little

They love reading any book they have written
I get a kick out of having them read it aloud and tell me about their drawing

* * * * * *

The book structure is

easy peasy
Made from one sheet of paper, several simple folds and one cut

I call it a "fold and cut" book

There are lots of online instructions on how to make this wonderfully simple book.

Here is one set of instructions, calling it a poof book:

Want to be an "instant" author?

Hurry . . . . grab a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors

and get started!

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  1. I love making those little books. I think I'll make some with a couple of little granddaughters this week.