Thursday, March 3, 2011

Come Fly With Me

It's a week long celebration of Dr Seuss at school.

I've never quite gotten into Dr.Seuss

but I am into cute purple wings

and imagining how fun it would be to fly!

On "Wacky Wednesday" we got to wear any wacky thing we wanted.

There were lots of spray colored hairdos in crazy styles,

mismatched shoes and socks

odd combinations of fabric and clothing parts.

I wore my awesome purple wings.

I toured many of the classrooms,

scoping out the fun variety

and complimenting the kiddos on how focused

on their work they still managed to be.

If you want instant feedback:

Go to kindergarten.

I walked in.

I heard gasps and,

"Oh, Mrs. McKinley,

I LOVE your wings!"

Somehow, I knew they would. :o)

I wore them while I taught in 4th grade all morning.

When I went back to do some work in my office, I retired the wings.

They were made to fly

but not quite made for sitting in an office chair!


  1. This was fun for my 3 year old Dallin to see. I wish you could have heard his giggle. :)
    Those wings look like lots of fun to wear!

  2. Want to borrow my purple scarf on your next purple wing day? The catch is, you'll have to come get it.