Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes, I saw it on Pinterest

I didn't pin it....but it stuck in my mind after seeing it on Pinterest somewhere

For the granddaughters turning three years old this spring
I decided to make a color matching game

Lots of cutting and glueing

Smear a load of mod podge
Let it dry
Weight it between sheets of wax paper if it seems to be curling

Glue matching strips on clothespins

Ta da
When I went to Tim and Karen's for dinner, I handed off a couple of late (very) birthday gifts to Sydney
Audrey seemed to love the precision of lining up the clothespins 
in spite of the fact it was way simple for her

Sydney worked on the 2nd color game:
Potato chip tube with four slots cut in the sides
Each had a different color around the slot
There was a container of flat bear figures----in 4 colors----to put in the slots
"It's like a money bank," Kaitlyn observed

Happy birthday beautiful sweethearts: Sydney, Maliah and Daisylyn

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