Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carving out some foam stamps

Got to do some stamp play a couple of times recently
Here I am showing supplies to Karma

Sticky back foam, cut to fit a base, such as a milk jug lid
Carve a design with a ball point pen
Stick the foam onto the milk lid to make a firm stamp base
Whip some marker color across the design
Stamp away
(wash off on a damp cloth)

She thought she might get her grandkids to make some of their own stamps

Making a letter backward....kind of a challenge
My lady bug looks more like a spotted beetle
I quite like Karma's rose bouquet

My birthday minis were cute
but the cake looked more like a piece of pie

Change of setting: Counselor meeting

My counselor colleagues and I experimented with the same craft
Sometimes my school kiddos
get a kick out of making or using a wonky (read: imperfect) carving
to put a "stamp" of approval on a behavior reminder note they've written for themselves

My cupcake is one of my favorites
I also really like the offcenter sun spray stamped in blue from one of my counselor friends
Want to play?