Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome, Kristen!

Not only does she visit.....

When my youngest sister, Kristen, made her travel itinerary
the email included the recipe she planned to fix when she got here

Well, OK. . . .
she and I grocery shopped the first night she arrived

Doesn't she look right at home in my kitchen?

We took the ingredients to Caldwell
Had lunch and a General Conference visit there with Mom

Ravioli with sausage
Thanks, Kristen
Mom always appreciates having someone fix a meal for her

In Mom's conference/TV nook

with Kevin and Jana

What a happy weekend
to get some time with Kristen

She has lived far away all her adult life
so it was a fun privilege to have get-to-know-what-you-think chat time
Love you, Kristen

And the momma who happily welcomed each of her six baby girls years ago
Love you, too, Mom

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