Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday fun

My family did such sweet things to celebrate my birthday

Handmade cards with notes, goodies, phone calls, Tango visual phone visit,
handmade necklace/earrings with family pics on it,
dinner, dinner, dinner,
hugs, fresh air ride

Love in action
All appreciated

Miss Lizzie gave me a close look at her whole dazzling outfit

Some snuggles
Love that

Five year old Lizzie gave service:  manicure, anyone?
Her mom says Lizzie is experienced, as she does her mom's pedicures all the time

Stunning purple nails, eh!
Thank you, Lizzie
I loved having my nails looking good

Yea.....their daddy (my 2nd born) comes home from work
All evening Micaela kept quizzing/begging me
"You do want to go for a ride on dad's motorcycle, don't you?"

I ran out of excuses
Yes, I'll go

Hang on tight . . .

I can't believe how fun that was!
Exciting start to my new year

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  1. Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a great celebration! I love the picture of you and Dean on the bike, that is just too fun!