Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girls' Night!

Another Girls' Night
A Chick Chat with some of Grandma Ison's posterity

The Wilson Girl cousins came up from Utah
Some stayed at Grandma's home
They made sure she got some dinner
as they waited for local girls to arrive
Lexie and Tyrel made a quickie, early appearance and got to meet some Utah cousins

Shegay is checking in with Grandma

The love these granddaughters show their grandma touches my heart

Jana, Shegay, Kevin (honorary chick, special invite!)
plus Grandma, back for another snack

I see Grandpa, looking on, from the wall

At one point in the evening, Grandma said to me, "Daddy's gone."
Yes he is, I replied.  What do you think he is doing right now?
"I have NO idea," she exclaimed.
Do you think he is watching us right now? I asked
"Too busy,"  she replied

That could be . . . because we never heard him fuss at us to get to bed!
And we were up til @2 am

I've missed getting the "chocolate toast" pictures downloaded
But you can be sure we toasted the rest of you....and we missed you!

Oh..there they are...the next two pics below

Some granddaughters helped prompt grandma's memory
by bringing pictures and notes on their family

She loved pouring over those sheets

Candice      Liz
We went around the circle of beautiful spirits
hearing a catch-up summary of whats been happening in each life

New pregnancy announcement, husband graduating, expanding insurance sales, brainstorming business ideas, busy mommas with their chicklets

Annette        Rachel
Such variety of interests, talents, strengths, contributions, challenges
All bringing their love to Grandma

Crazy busy printing campaign materials, art classes and interest in illustrating children's books


She was the springboard for the gathering:
With an exciting and wide eyed new move to North Carolina
she wanted to come see Grandma before the adventure

Well, if you are coming up......let's all gather!

To have ALL her sisters join and gather......
Oh my, it seems like a miracle to me
And I loved it!
And so did their Grandma
"I didn't know you were coming!" she exclaimed again and again
So pleased, she was


New missionary, new travel schedule, new horizons

Martha       Grandma Ison

 Getting kids into school and preschool, online Soul Restoration classes, plans for a Nauvoo trip

Candice             Alisha              Amber

Busy moms serving in Primary and RS
Creative parenting, serving, organizing, planning, gardening

Rachel          Shegay

New set of trail wheels, new dog, graduated from college

All six of Jocile's girls in one place.....yea!
Thank you for the sacrifices you made to create this cozy gathering

Give us a goofy moment, you girls!

Loving on Grandma!

Now show us your birth you see it, folks?


  1. Thanks for putting this together LD! Such a treat to come do this! We Wilson girls figured out it has been 7 years since we were all together!

  2. Wowzer....too long! So glad to see each of you. I love the variety of personality and strengths....I want to keep in touch with each of you!

  3. I"m so glad all the wilsons and other could get together. Name tags, and family pictures were a good idea for mother. Thanks for visiting mother and bringing her happiness.
    LD, thanks for sharing pictures. I like the finger number system to keep track of birth order.

  4. Yes...I hope you can come next time.
    Angela is coming near the end of Friday night, May 25th, y'all for a gathering!