Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Sweethearts on Valentine Evening

This picture is out of order
The dining room was dark
When my flash lit it up
Here is where I'd find the boy!

Eventually, he ate up the leftover dinner his sister left on the table

Some Valentine's Evening
visit time with two sweet kiddos

Snuggled in her jammies
she was happy and content all evening

I just love that profile

yes you are!

He is seriously
waiting for me to turn my attention away from him. . . . .

Then off like a race car
he runs into the darkened dining room

I catch him with my flash

Hey, climberoo boy . . .
I found you!


  1. I love the image in my mind of you and Sterling playing a run-away/caught ya game and the flash surprising Sterling who thought he was so clever! What a fun night!

  2. As I opened your blog Daisylyn said, "Hi Grandma!" (when she saw your picture)then as I scrolled down she said,"Brother Sterling Monkey!" and "Dissy-lin"

    Thanks for sharing!!