Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dinner for the Matriarch

 Grandma's caretaker is on vacation
Again, we are taking turns taking dinner in for Grandma Ison
She only eats a little . . . .
half a bowl of stew and one fourth a slice of toast tonight

Thanks again you all
for helping her out

She so loves the visits

When I showed her the picture taken, above
we discovered that it showed her and Grandpa together
We liked that
"Why'd he have to go and leave me!"
she declared with a wistful chuckle

Tonight she kept studying the picture of
Tiffany and Darrin's family

I think she said "amazing" thirteen times
as she contemplated this wonderful "new" family
I told her the names over and over again as she asked questions

She had one thing securely in mind
Several times she said
"He's getting ready to go on a mission"
pointing to Scott, with obvious pleasure

You have a fan club, Elder Tanner!

When I arrived at her home
I found she had navigated down all the stairs
She was in one of the downstairs bedrooms
puttering through stacks of organized stuff
"It's been such a long time since I've been down here I didn't remember what was here"
She peeked into each room
adding a little comment
 before I could talk her into going back up the stairs for some dinner
I stayed right behind her
as she pulled herself up one step at at time
I kind of held my breath . . .I didn't know whether to be scared or amazed!


  1. I contemplated signing up, I got overcome with the children overwhelm. I hope things ended up working out.

    I love the picture with she and grandpa.

  2. No problem...I think we're good. I noticed there are some prepared sandwiches in Grandma's she has a back up plan!