Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clever Valentines

Tune in to this one
This was one of the handmade valentines I got from a kiddo at school
At first I couldn't figure out why there was string taped to the Reeses
Hm-m-m, a printed play list on the little box that makes the Reeses the ear buds
Ah so!
Now I get it

Just plain Cute
Another clever hand made valentine
From a mom a school
Double decorative paper wrapped "envelope" (a flattened tube, actually)
Handmade folded flower and tag

Pull on the tied ribbon
which is threaded through a cut
on front and back

The ribbon is a sling
that pulls out the candy bar

I wanted to show this fun idea to my girls
so the most amazing part is that I haven't eaten the candy bar yet
Wanna guess how many days I can delay scarfing down the sweet?

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