Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turn up the Music...Let the Drama Begin!

We had our Halloween parade on Friday
(Back to academics on Monday!)
What a blast!
I didn't get any pictures of myself
My costume version of C-3PO was pretty scant of detail
(gold hair spray, glitter face makeup, gold jacket, shiny chest disc, dark waist ribbons)
The best part was I got to push R2D2
He was a WOW character
Many flashes of parent cameras when he rolled by!
(picture way below)

Oh Yoda
You even scared some of the adults
as you rose up from your bent-over posture and loomed in their faces
No one could figure out who was under the mask
She could probably use a chiropractor now
after spending 45 minutes in a bent-over loping stance!

In her other life
this is the creative-extraordinaire
referred to in an older post

You want to have her on your how-can-we-create-it team!

Isn't Chewbacca splendid!
Chewy owes a big favor to his real time wife
She stayed up til midnight sewing the shaggies on his sweats
And, yes, he really is a tall dude
In his other life is he one of the most helpful custodians I've ever known
Always a good sport, obviously
How do  you spell Princess Leia's name, really?
I think I messed it up
Her ear buns are on a headband.....looking great!
She has long hair that is her mom in back
sweeping the real hair
into swirls around the fake hair buns
In her other life she talks on the phone
So I guess the buns won't be staying for long

Luke Skywalker was such a hit with the kids
His hair cracked us all up
His usual 'do:  shaved bald

so when the kids saw their PE teacher's new look
they screamed
"Mr. have hair!!!!!!"

His reply
"Hair is over itches!"

The darling of the parade was our very cute R2D2
(another product of our creator extraordinaire)

Don't you agree
that he could be straight off the movie set?

He had a music CD playing inside
unfortunately too soft to be heard over the chatter as we went classroom to classroom

In his former existence he was a shop vac and a salad bowl
Amazing, huh?

Leading the parade was
our own
Darth  Vader

Classic on the outside
bermuda shorts and calf high socks on the inside
"Principal"-ly, another good sport

The principal is surveying for post-parade opinion.
Do we want to continue this tradition or not?
How would you cast your vote?

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  1. Wow, everyone looks so great! I want to see your costume. Did you get a picture?

    As to the costume parade vote.. I miss that my kids don't get to dress up.. or even have a "havest party" in school. Abree was telling me today that her teacher said, "The teachers did rock-paper-scissors to choose what parties to have. They could only choose two. They chose Christmas and Valentines Day." I vote Harvest party..seems less complicated than costumes. :)