Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grandma Ison's nook

I took my semi annual pilgrimage to Grandma's house
to watch a session of General Conference
with her
Found grandma in her TV nook
watching between sessions shows

Doesn't she look toasty in her cozy chair?
I fixed her a lunch to eat right there
Smile for the camera, grandma
That's as big as her smile got

Lately, I've noticed it is dramatically harder for her to retrieve words
as she tries to speak

Jana and I have a theory
that all her silent time
doesn't help

Kind of
a lot
where her brain
and audio body parts
 are unstimulated

So......I decided to try a new activity with her
A stroll down memory lane

I pulled out her jewelry  box
We went through it
piece by piece
Both of us were exclaiming:
I don't remember this!
(That was me!    Whose brain is faltering, LD?   Ha)
That's very pretty
Oh....this is from SO-o-o-o-o long ago
Look here is the necklace that matches those earrings
I think you made these, mom
Isn't that cute
Oh that one I wore a lot
That's a nice one

I really like this one
she said

She's always had a soft spot for
"Indian turquoise jewelry"
as she calls it

I had such a lapful
by the time we remembered and exclaimed
over each piece

Before I put it all away
I tried to talk her into wearing something that matched her sweatshirt
and be all spiffy for the day
Nope, she didn't go for that


  1. Great idea, LD. Funny about the "faltering brain."

  2. Great idea, LD. I'll bet mom enjoyed that while focusing her thoughts. Thank you so much for spending the time conference weekend with her.