Monday, October 24, 2011

Have you been good?

Here comes the bus!
At my school
if you're good
you might receive a
Caughtcha Bein' Good ticket
You put your ticket in a bucket in your home room

There it goes!

On special Fridays
the principal makes the rounds of all the rooms
(he is an amazing administrator)

He pulls some tickets out of each classroom bucket
Those LUCKY kids get to "shop" for a prize from the bus that
just rolled up to their doorway

You want a closer look, don't you!
Oh....the difficult decision
they have in front of them

(A little extrinsic motivation anyone?)
Works for me!

Is that just the cutest vehicle you've seen all week?


  1. That bus is SO cute! Some of my kiddos would have a hard time choosing for sure. :)

  2. PS- It let me post w/o much complication. I did it a little different this time! YAY!

  3. Oh I love that bus, too cute and what a great idea! I wish it could make a stop at my house once a week I think Kallie would be all over that!

  4. I saw that when I visited your school. What I don't understand is why is doesn't get sneakily raided when sitting in the hall and no one is around.