Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Making of the Queen

 This woman knows how to put it together
to make a Star Wars Queen

Almost time for the school Halloween parade
On goes the make-up

Pretty soon we'll staple down the
posterboard bodice

Must have lips
(Do you love the hair rolls?   Hair-covered insulation tube!)
Head gear made
by one of our creative-extraodinaire staff
all hot glued to a stocking cap

There is even a filial at the top
I adore the headpiece

Put it all together
(I love the bodice curliques ....that was my creativity at work)

The skirt designs are stapled on
There's a hula hoop under there foo-fooing it out

I think she's ready to stroll among the masses
Where is the rest of the party?


  1. I LOVE how it all came together. I can totally tell who she is. Nice job to all the creators. How is your costume coming along???

  2. Pretty impressive. I want to see all the costumes!!

  3. I loved all of the costumes! This is all amazing. Big vote yes for your principal!