Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here They Come! #2

Busy boys: good natured Levi and playful Treyson
Some pictures of kiddos not at the craft table
And some Picasa editing experiments

In the past I noticed that when I made an edit in Picasa
then retrieved it for my blog
the edit didn't come into the blog

Uh huh
So I asked. . . . .
 My photography class teacher
pointed out that the edit notes
stay in Picasa
unless I save the photo
OUTSIDE of Picasa
Easy for him to say!
Oh it's getting complicated.....for me.

I did grasp
that one of my save choices
was to save the edited photo
to my desktop
Uh-h-h-h-h.....not a very good long term storage choice
but at least I can find it there
(Someone feel free to email me
with clues about how to
create, use and FIND
a file where I can save edited photos!)
Kissy cheek Sterling
So each of these photos got some treatment
got saved to my desktop
and the editing stayed with the photo
as I plunked it in here
Daddy Brinton and sweet Sterling
Worked out some red eye
cropped in closer
Sugar plum Daisylyn
Sorry......nothing I can do to unblur my bad focus
Tis hard to catch her in a still shot
Did my write-on-a-photo experiment here
She zipped out my front door at one point during the evening
Yikes......I zoomed out and found her on my driveway
Lock that door!
Dress up alley
Our boys are into this
as much or more as our girls

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