Sunday, October 30, 2011

Camera Confessions

 For fun, I offered my camera to Taylee and Rylee 
during the evening of a grandkid "Late Over"

"Here. . . .take some pictures of the kids while I help the little ones" I said

And so they did

Look what happened when some thought grandma was not watching:
Couch leaping!

You kids are so busted . . . .
Your payback?
I think you owe me a load of your trick or treat chocolate!

Taylee and Rylee asked me at the end of the evening
"Did you know you have a drawing feature on your camera?"

Not really

Later, when I checked my pictures
I found this altered version of Levi . . . . .yikes!


  1. Good Ole Jackson . . .he paid up on Halloween night. Chocolate...snickers, oh yea.
    Your grandma thanks you.