Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Special guests at my school

Dramatic Lizzie brought her mom and baby Levi to my school.
We had a Youth Theater troupe doing a version of Hansel and Gretl
for our school kids.
I thought Lizzie might enjoy that.
She was a dedicated audience!
Laughed and gasped in all the right spots. :o)

After, the cast let me take some pictures of Lizzie with their
clever set.
I think Lizzie's outfit kind of matches tne lollipop forest.

You'd look sober, too, if you had to stand that close to
that ominous oven!

We got some puppet time
in grandma's office after the production.
Pink-cheek Levi had just awakened from a mini nap.
Lizzie is giving us one of her drama faces.
Beautiful mommy Candice is surrounded with love.
Thanks for coming to visit, sweet family.
It was fun to share some time with you.

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  1. That was a real treat for us. Thank you for having us!