Sunday, March 20, 2011

Performance night---RS Birthday Celebration

Adrenaline was seeping into my veins
even before it was time to sing
I could feel my heart beginning to beat faster
Breathe deep and slow, LD.

We had finished our dinner and now were seated in a packed chapel.
As usual, there was a room full of friendly sister chat happening
almost over shadowing
the harp duet prelude
which was lovely
(prelude, not the chat din)

I had disengaged from my own greetings to my pew mates
wanting to be ready for any start clues
There would be no one standing to start the program
It would just be our Mary Jane standing to "soprano" our beginning.

I kept turning to peek at her, two rows behind me.
I'd lift my eyebrows and mouth
When are we starting?
She'd shrug and mouth back
Have to wait til the harps finish.

Oh yeah, that makes sense

Did you bring your pitch pipe?
No, she said, then she lifted into view
a tiny hand held something
that had her beginning pitch recorded for her to listen to
Good luck hearing that over the hum of voices

A sweet friend knelt in the aisle beside me
I want to talk to you about that trip coming up

Call me rude
I turned my face away from her
looked up at the podium area and said
Can't talk now
I need to concentrate

Moments later
she understood

Harps finished
Sister chatter began to lessen
I turned to look back
There Mary Jane was
on her feet
in full voice

whispers quieted

I locked a tight focus on my sheet music
determined to come in on the exact right count
On my feet
belt it out
with the power of angels

We're in the zone
and it just got better and better
as the whole chorus joined
then the whole congregation of sisters
Amen and amen

The sweet element of surprise
Strength of voice and testimony
Beauty of glorious harmony
Tenderly thrilling
Totally satisfying

Ah . . . . .I was thankful for such an opportunity
I Noticed That, yes I did.


  1. This touches me. I can just imagine the powerful spirit filling the room. Wish I had been there. Awesome.

  2. That would have been neat to see, or be a part of.

  3. Ooooo. Chills.
    I still want to do that. Or at least witness it.

  4. Very cool! Would have loved to be a fly on your chapel wall!

  5. You put that into words so eloquently! Thank-you for letting me read your blog. It was a beautiful evening that couldn't have begun better (although I guess it did start with a yummy dinner, I'm just talking about the program). Thank-you for your part in making it beautiful!!