Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last Rehearsal Coming Up

Hurrah! I get to do some singing
I have been asked to be part of a women's chorus for
this week's stake RS birthday event.
I assumed we would be a huge chorus like last time I joined in
There are 16 of us, 4 per part.
We are singing an arrangement of
The Spirit Of God Like a Fire is Burning.
I don't know if I am spoiling a surprise
for those who might be attending
Stop reading if you are going
want to be in mystery!
Remember food court version
of the Hallelujah Chorus
you saw in December on Youtube?
Yeah, that one you played over and over again
feeling thrilled each time . . .
We are using that model.
We will be dispersed throughout the audience in the chapel.
On some signal
one of my gorgeous-voiced soprano friends
will stand up
sing the first line a capella
I stand up next and join her
still a capella
adding alto on the second line
piano enters next
then the rest of the chorus
one and two at at time
We rehearsed from our scattered position
for the first time last Sunday night
Wow . . .
That was electric
in a spirit blossoming way
I can't wait to get to perform.
One more rehearsal
a heavenly experience
I wish you all could be there


  1. Oooo, that sounds so good. Wish we would have thought of that for our b-day dinner (this Tues). :)

  2. I hope someone videos the performance and audience. Sounds fun.

  3. Ohhh wow! I got goose bumps just thinking about it! I wish I could see that! What a thrill for those in attendance!