Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taking to the air

Woo Hoo....Wedding Week!
Ah....the much contemplated travel back only stash
(considered a 'personal item' in Allegiant speak)
Determined to avoid the luggage charge
I borrowed it from a friend
If she could travel for weeks in Europe with just this back pack
surely I could make it 5 days

What a super stretch for me
I'm one who likes my "toys" when I travel....books, journals, art supplies....more books

I 'practice packed' two weeks ahead
Whew... once I whittled down my can't-live-without list
 I actually had room to slip in 2 books before I walked out my door....Yes!

I broke in a gorgeous new journal for the trip, too

Eight of us family adults traveled together
A caravan of two vehicles across the state
to the cheap flights (if you don't take luggage!) of Allegiant in Idaho Falls

When we lined up at the check in desk the employee took one look at us and said
Why are you all dressed up?
Til then, it hadn't occurred to me that our skirts and shirts looked out of the ordinary
Our white shirt gang responded
We're on our way to a wedding . . .  little brother is getting married
(actually the wedding wasn't until Saturday....but you know the routine)

I guess we did look different than the t-shirts and flip flops around us

Chillin' in our be-ready-to-hurry-to-the-temple-clothes

We were scattered through out the plane
Alisha behind me
Tim in front of me
And in my row....
All in the family!
Landed in Mesa, AZ
I'm doing the paper work at the car rental desk
My sons are GPS-ing and plotting our next move

We rented two vehicles
This big one for 5 of us
A smaller car for the other 3
since we would be sleeping in two different places

Off we go!

I must say, having only a backpack as luggage was a refreshing change from my usual baggage
 when it came to hauling my stuff around

How about you.....have you ever traveled as a minimalist?

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