Saturday, August 18, 2012

Party set up, before the guests

Amber and others Facebook posted pictures from Lexie and Tyrel's open house party
The pictures I took were during our morning set up time
Alisha got some of the brothers to haul all the purchased and borrowed stash from her home 
to the lovely backyard party venue
We started setting up at 7am, to beat the heat
Lots of assistance throughout the day.....thank you, thank you everyone!

In a prior brainstorm time, we had set up scenarios
Alisha took pictures
Then we packed together all the items in each scene
Our theory was that would get some of the thinking done ahead

Good idea
Even Micaela could help
She would study a picture, then find the items and place them in the planned spot

 The cute "CARD" initials would be clothes pinned to the top of the suitcase
offering a collection spot for wedding cards

 The guest sign in book would be placed here

 Fabric quilt squares would be here
A guest could write a permanent ink greeting to the bride and groom on a square
as the beginning of a future quilt

 Here is a beckon to have your picture taken

Some cute draping as the "photo booth"
A wrapped straw bale was added for a seat
With "costume" props, cute photos were taken of all the willing guests
as mementos for the newlyweds
Many of these were posted by Amber Waite on Facebook
as highlighted above

 Check out the funky tub
Receptacle for gifts
Outrageous and right in the zone for the evening's decor!

I think it is to be speak up if you are in the market for a rustic tub decoration
before Alisha puts it on Craig's List

 Borrowed picnic tables for seating
Later an outer border of fabric-covered straw bales were placed for additional seating
Did you know that straw bales are rather cushy and comfortable?

 Alisha cut a LOT of circles from lace
We hot glued them into this kind of doily line up

The breeze at midday messed with them and blew over all the glass 'weed' vases
Nothing that couldn't be righted though

 A vignette honoring the newlyweds special day  
Later, pictures of Lexie and Tyrel were hung from these tree branches

 A glimpse of the gorgeous and peaceful fountain

Alisha had been eyeing these perfect rockers on her neighbor's porch
Yes, as one of the many contributors
that family was willing to lend these 'just right' pieces to the decorating cause
Alisha made the pillows for the new couple

 Sister in laws made signs and labels
All very clever

Put your own popcorn treat
in a bag Lexie stamped with her new last name initial

 Spoon some candy onto your popcorn

Sprinkle on the flavor of your choice

Pour yourself some lemonade on a hot day (95 degrees)

The decor was cute...and so 'Lexie' in style
Friends and family milling about later added even more layers of love and joy

It was a very satisfying evening
Congratulations Lexie and Tyrel
We love you


  1. I love these decorations. Lots of work went into collecting and arranging theses items. Clever to take pictures of how to arrange. Love all of it.

  2. Whew! Very cute. But . . . whew!