Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dance With Me, Baby!

 Aunt Mabel wrote a message of love on a quilt square for the bride and groom
 Lexie's dad, Ken, must be taking some dancing hints from this experienced duo
 Can we hear a cheer for a zestful life?
At 87 and 92
Aunt Mabel and Uncle LeRoss are the bomb!
Family dance
Tim/Karen   Alisha/Jason    Lexie's parents: Leslie/Ken Kelley
The groom and bride dance with a parent
Tyrel chuckled, "Do you have any last minute advice to give me?"

Well OK.....
(Keep communicating.....Listen to understand, rather than to convince)

What might your one-liner advice be for your marrying son or daughter?

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  1. Remember to find a little time to play, garden, cook, a common hobby. It really is the most fun you can have in a day! -Theresa (recently married friend and admirer of your lovely blog!)