Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mesa in August

Precious privilege
We got to attend Lexie's endowment session
And then step out into the 112 degree air
Always a little startling

Even in the evening, to step out of a building and find it was 95 degrees,
was another surprise. . . every time

I had a useful chat with myself before I left Idaho:
Self, do not make an issue of the temperature in Arizona....surely the good folk there do not enjoy listening to visitors carry on about how hot it is.  Ok, I said, I will remind myself along the whining about being hot.  And while you're at not do or say things that will take away from the sweet purpose of the trip.  
Aye Aye, self, . . . .got it

Experiment:  I carried a tiny water spritz bottle in my walk-about bag
I imagined it would feel refreshing on my neck
It did ....for about 3 seconds....then it felt like another layer of sweat

I loved seeing the plants that are hearty and beautiful in the Arizona sun

After our few moments in the sun
we were ready to chill in front of the Olympics on the big screen

We got to stay with my Aunt Mabel and Uncle LeRoss Jones
who live a few houses away from the temple
They were super hosts to us
They circled us in like we were one of their own
We pretty much adore them

P.S.  I love Candice and her beautiful tummy
She was such a trooper....8 months pregnant and right there at every event

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