Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Arizona Wedding Reception

Here are some glimpses of the wedding reception decor in Gilbert, AZ
Lexie's grandma was the crafty visionary, along with the bride

Think rustic . . . and very coordinated
 Cool signs and lettering, huh!

 Gift deposit station

Don't you just love the vignettes for each function in the room 

Burlap on black
Picture frame to boundary the scene
The standing initials inside the crisp and fun to look at
There is a picture of the new couple inside the apothecary jar
On top...again you see the book-page paper roses Lexie taught us how to make
The Once Upon a Time sign.... a book with the insides ripped out
 Mr. and Mrs.......almost
They chose to have their reception the day before they married
to help with their travel plan on their wedding day
 A beautiful couple
We think they are great together
 My "Mom" wrist corsage
I love the greenish star flower at the top

The layered cake in the middle of the cookie table.... 

And to top it off...."We do!"

Lexie put wedding ideas she liked on her Pinterest page
Her crafty grandma studied that page and kicked into make it/do it gear . . .
with lots of help, she assured me
Aunts and friends made the fruit punch and a bazillion cookies

The whole room was a veritable vison of cute.....and tasty

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  1. Thanks for posting, I really wanted to see how it looked.