Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Savor life's sweetness

At the storytelling conference
we paid for the box lunch on Saturday

It must be a Utah thing
I've never before had such an impressive looking dessert with a box lunch
We had a chocolate cake or slice of cheese cake

It was NOT one of my sugar days
so I tucked my DE-licious looking cheese cake into my nearly empty lunch box
and carried it around with me
all afternoon
stashed it in the trunk all evening
while we were out with family

Now THAT is dedication
(Oh that I would cling to my scriptures with such focus)
I looked forward to Sunday---which I had chosen as my sugar day of that week

Kind of like life, don't you think?
Sometimes a savored hope is delayed
or unobtainable in the present moment

There are some sweet things I anticipate in eternity
Perhaps all the more delicious
for having to wait a while

As for the cheese cake. . .
On my drive back home on Sunday
I pulled over before I even got out of town
It's time, I declared aloud
Break open the lunch box
Savor the creamy smoothness with a touch of lemon

And with the first forkful I gave a shout-out toast to my little sister
Happy Birthday, Kristen, this bite's for you!
Here...I'll help you with that
Thanks for sharing

What sweetness are you enjoying or hoping for?


  1. Yea the box lunch, reminds of of Nampa Stake Conference lunches.
    What will power.

  2. I so delight in food out loud like you also! It seems to bring out more flavor with every ummm, ohhhh, and that is amazing! Great will-power girl!