Sunday, March 18, 2012

I toed you so!

I took the "cure" for an ingrown toenail a couple of weeks ago
A little cut, trim and acid daubing at the doctor's office

This toe has given me pain for a year or two
so I began asking around, studying up on my choices

I researched treatment online
Found a video of an actual procedure by a physician

OOoo---very interesting, I thought

I watched the video with great enthusiasm the first time
I love stuff like this!

Pondered and decided
Called my foot doc and made an appointment for the same procedure

When I went back to watch the procedure again on Youtube
knowing I was headed for that very experience
I felt squirmy and sickened
and I couldn't stand to see it through
Nope. . . . I had to turn it off

Of course the only parts that hurt were the two shots in the toe for numbing
No pain after that
and he had it draped so I couldn't see my toe as he worked

I did insist on seeing it before he wrapped it up in the color of my choice
Looked good to me

I asked if I could skip my morning walk the next day
No way, he said, get back out there
So I did

After care:  twice a day soaking
Antibiotic ointment and a bandaid
It got more sore and red about a week out....but is doing better now

You might enjoy the online version
if you are an armchair physician like me and, of course, if you DO NOT have this scheduled for yourself!

What's your style . . .
Are you the want-to-know kind of health consumer?

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  1. That video was pretty gross, yet facinating at the same time.