Sunday, March 18, 2012

Story . . . it is everywhere

My sister, Jocile, and I had the juicy opportunity a week ago to attend a storytelling/storywriting conference in Salt Lake City, Utah :  The Power of Story @ Home 2012.
It's been a week and I haven't reported here. 
You know, after hearing beautifully crafted stories,
 I'm feeling a bit intimidated to put words to my experience. 
So sending my internal writing critic into a far country, I'll just jump in.

 Several time I had quiet thoughts:
This is such a privilege . . .  beautiful setting . . . .skilled story crafting generously shared
I am grateful

Our setting in Day One was the theater area in the Salt Lake Conference Center

 Plenty of room for the first annual Story @ Home conference
I heard there were 500-700 in attendance
When a good story is being told
I am happily suspended in the beckoning web of the teller
I am not taking a lot of notes!
So . . .  some lingering thoughts

>Sometimes we don't know the value of a moment, til it's a memory
>The combination of all our stories is the fabric of America
>We all love STORY
>STORY is already in your life
>Good story re-creates experience
>Your listener will get a glimpse of what your learned, felt
>The root of the experience is emotion
>Make them feel, laugh, cry, think, challenge their perspective

Along with encouragement to write/tell/gather our own stories
we had several professional story tellers sharing with us

Below is one presentor website
Syd Lieberman, from Chicago, shares many of his stories on this site
I want to give him full credit for such generosity
If you scroll down inside his site
you can find one of the stores he told us of his daughter
Look for "Sarah"
Syd Lieberman

And another . . . shares his stories via blogging
A dad of seven, a bishop
Some of his stories crack me how he discovered how to stay awake while driving long distances
He has written about several of their home births.....totally fascinating to me, of course
His presentation to us was on how he shares his faith as his blogs

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  1. I will have to check those out. Sounds facinating.