Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Heart of Service

This lovely granddaughter called me late Thursday night
Kind of in a time crunch
She had a deadline for a school assignment
By Tuesday morning she needed to have completed 4 hours of community service
She wondered if she could come do some service at my school

Certainly.......I'm sure I can generate a list of helpful tasks
if you can get to my school Friday afternoon
and stay late

I interviewed several teachers early in the day on Friday
By the time m'lovely girl arrived
they had supplied me with a fine To Do list

Slicing Memory Game cards
Bagging math money games for at home practice
Stapling kindergarten homework packets

Tidying stacks of papers
Dusting  and washing shelves and counters
Organizing books....the biggest book stash Taylee had ever seen in one school room, she said

More slicing

216 chunks of sliced paper
ready for little kiddles
to cut and glue flower shapes

Sorting math manipulative pieces that had migrated out of their bins

It was 7:30 and we ran out of time before we got to the tasks in the library

I was worn out
but Taylee seemed to still be going strong

And then we got to see that splendid rainbow on our way to dinner at Subway
Such an awe-filled finale for our girls' night

Thanks for the fun time, lovely young woman
So glad you are willing to make the world a better place

Don't you love it when you glimpse the kindness of our youth!
What kind action of kids have you noticed lately?


  1. Taylee is getting to be such a beautiful young lady. What a brilliant idea to ask the teachers what they needed help with. Way to go Taylee and Grandma Lora Dawn.