Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tyrel

I had Tyrel over to share dinner near his birthday
(Seseme chicken . . . yum)

It always warms my heart
to have some chat time
with my adult children

I went to a vulnerable place . . .
out on my art "limb"
and drew a card for him

Used his recent cruise pic on facebook as my inspiration

Even though it doesn't look like Tyrel
I was tickled that it looks like a human being. . . with luggage!

I love you, big guy


  1. Nice work! It may not look like Tyrel, but it looks like his picture!

  2. I really like this.
    You may have started a "want" for the rest of us kids... I would love to have an art original from you.

  3. I saw his picture on facebook and I knew which photo you drew as soon as I saw the drawing. Great job!

  4. The card looks great! I love it!!!