Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beautiful Boise

Boise River Greenbelt

It is Art in the Park weekend
My friend and I meandered
through the booths Friday night
I enjoyed studying art and hand crafted jewelry
Hm-m-m. twisted wire around stone, attached to a necklace
I like

The copper earrings whose color I liked best
looked too much the shape
of feminine IUDs
to make it onto my "must have" list
Quite twirly, they were!

I ran into a former elementary student
All grown up
Doing intricate art
Hoping to make a career of it
Go Garfield girl!

When I made the rounds
I was moved by
the beauty of the artist's unique results
in awe at the time and integrity
it has taken

My camera didn't come out til we left the park
and took a little hiking rest on the bridge
over the Boise River
Then back on the BSU campus
I chased a view of the red sun setting
It dipped behind the trees
as I clicked
I even trotted up some stairs to try to get high enough to capture its glow

Nope . . . .  nada
Nice try
but you didn't score on this one, LD

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