Monday, September 12, 2011

Parents who care

Our school had Back to School Open House this week
Two nights of staying late there (we are a big school)
I decided to set up a little display
outside of my school office
to call attention to the Parenting Class registration info on my wall
(I'm teaching Love & Logic soon)

It was also a good opportunity to talk to parents about their current concerns

What a great reason for my
love of miniatures
to get some play time

In my home office
I pulled out the baskets of people and furniture
and picked out some family clusters
I scooped them into a bag and took them to school with me

In miniature I had two full size families,
some grandparents raising their grandchild
and a single dad sitting at a table, playing with his kiddo

There are a lot more family configurations in our real live school families
but that was an attempt at representation

I don't know if anyone "got" that I'd set up little families
But several people commented
they really enjoyed the new look
the homey ambiance of the table cloths
and the glow of the lamp

Me too

One of the teachers who stopped several times to enjoy and comment said
"How do you dare put out all your special things?
I'm going back to my students
and doing a lesson on how much Mrs. McKinley trusts them
and how to act with that trust."
I love the way her brain works
So proactive
So empowering for kids
That's the kind of teacher we have in our district . . . .an amazing kind!

Always thinking about and doing things in the best interest of our students

I had a couple of fine evenings
with productive conversations
with parents

And I had some "cute" near enough to make me smile!

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