Sunday, May 8, 2011

Three of the Flock

This is back in 2009

It still tickles me

The spring of the baby girls

Like lambing season or something . . .

We had a baby girl once a month....February, March, April

Sydney makes One

And then there were Two

Sydney on the left is @ a month old

Maliah on the right is 24 hours old!

Oh the blessings

And then there were THREE

Sydney and Maliah, then Daisylyn on the right

Three baby girl cousins

So fun to watch them grow

So cute

So different from one another

Oh my, we miss Maliah since she moved south to warm Arizona

and we can't get 3-some pictures very often

Early crawl/walk/run stage here

And some smashing baby blues, too!


Daisylyn might be saying,

while Sydney chomps down this Halloween night

You've heard of show-and-tell

This is lookin' like chew-and-yell!

We miss you, Clawsons! Love you guys

Just sayin'
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  1. I love your posts, LD. They are wonderfully warm photo-essays. Love you.