Sunday, May 8, 2011

Girls and their Babies

Karen and Tim's girls

came to play

while Karen ran the Race for the Cure

Here are Kaitlyn and Audrey

after wrestling with the puppies

The girls seemed to have a lot of


they needed to do

for the baby dolls that live in my home

I've long thought that the home is really a laboratory for life

I've been pondering a lot lately about being a mom

and learning to be a mother


it was fun to watch

these little girl's

nurturing practice

Sometimes you trade infants

Every baby needs some love
the super hair-do ones

Sometimes my job was to
say yes
to wrapping them
in soft love flannel

Baby dolls were gathered
all parts of the house
This one
with red-head pigtails
usually sits on my bed
as a touch of whimsy in my room
Embraced in a love-lock by motherly Sydney
this baby boy
seems resigned
to his fate
of sweet love

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