Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just for You, Mom

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Before I took this beautiful bouquet to my mom
this is the only picture I got
because my camera
is apparently taking its last slow breaths

There the arrangement sits
in a place of honor
beside the bag of spinach

I thought you'd like to see
what you and I gave mom

She was surprised and quite pleased
I think she liked the pink carnations and pink roses, especially

She read and reread and reread the card I wrote for her
I passed along your message of love for her
The written word is what she clings to these days

I also took my boom box over
with my rehearsal tape and
sang her a solo

I am singing a song called "As A Mother" in church today
So I rehearsed it for her

Because it was not a familiar song to her
I think she had already forgotten that I sang
by the time I left her Friday evening

Oh well
I think she enjoyed it
in the moment

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