Thursday, May 19, 2011

A First for Me

Check out the sweet face of JacksonPosted by Picasa

This boy has grown up a lot since this shot

but the picture I took of him this week

is still in my phone

This week he provided me with


My FIRST chance to watch a T-ball game

What a blast!

The picture on my phone

that shows him catching a warm up ball.....pretty cute

but my ability to download from my phone

well . . . . it's just not happening

My impression of my T-ball experience:

This may have been my most enjoyable view of sportsmanship

Gamboling lambs in purple shirts

Baseball caps that nearly covered their eyes

Being late in the season, they now have some clue about the gist of the game

Most of them are joyful in their play

It is apparent they love to run, throw, swing, and try to catch

Parents cheer the efforts of EVERY child

no matter which team

When Jackson was up to bat, he gave his swing serious effort


he lowered the bat to wave to his former preschool teacher, sitting at the edge of the field

As short stop

he had his eye on the ball in some moments


sometimes he frolicked and rolled in the grass

oblivious to game play

and happy

Looked like the best of sports to me

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