Saturday, July 21, 2012

What is the Bride's Style?

Alisha looked at Lexie's Pinterest pages
 talked with her
 began gathering things she thought would match Lexie's
preference for their wedding open house look
Alisha set up a display for practice
These girls are tuning in to each other

Both of them are on the hunt for rustic treasures

Here are the tear-a-page-put-of-a-book
then-cut-and-hot glue
paper flowers Lexie likes for decorating

She taught us how to make them

Ignore the purple and multi colored pictures
(they are just a convenient corner for hanging the flowers)

Lexie is all about light shades:  off white..cream.....wheat

All hands on deck...the time is getting close!
With Lexie and Alisha spear-heading the family efforts to decorate a friend's backyard
one thing we know for sure . . .

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