Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the Pink

Had a visit to Smullins one day to chat and take some pictures

Taylee and Abree indulged me with some front door poses

Rylee accepted a vintage offering of an old dress of mine
I said it was an from my high school singing days....but that's not quite accurate
Yes, high school, but not for singing
It was my bridesmaid dress for Jocile's wedding reception

Rylee thought maybe she would wear it if she could add a belt to make it cute

Do you like how the word "vintage" is used these days....
rather than "really old"?  
Uh huh


  1. A belt would go great with that dress. I think there are several things that could be done to really "dress" it up!

  2. I remember that dress. I have one too. waistline, pleats, and darts, things of the past. Yea, someone still fits this dress.

  3. Cute! I thought it looked familiar in a "seen it in pictures in Grandma's living room" kind of way. She looks adorable in it!